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5 Amazing Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Inspire You

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

The inspiration is endless when it comes to superb bathroom design. And data also shows your bathroom quality has an impact on the overall value of your house. Despite being one of the smaller rooms, bathrooms require equal – if not more – design power compared to larger spaces. The list of factors to consider will multiply from paint color to fittings, lighting, and vanities before you can say "bubble bath."

Round Jacuzzi tub

Go for a round jacuzzi bathtub in the center of your bathroom. It makes your bathroom feel like a spa. But you would need enough space in your bathroom to make it a focal point. This tub is perfect for relaxing after a long day at work or for having a spa weekend at home. Taking a bath in a jacuzzi bathtub can relieve your stress levels and increase your blood circulation.

Rainfall Shower Head

An overhead shower head gives you a lavish spa experience. The calming flow of water allows for overall body coverage and makes you feel like you're bathing in the rain. The addition of body jets enables even more coverage. The targeted jets can be positioned to spray warm/cold water onto your tired and sore muscles, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Back pain is a common complaint after a long day of work. Body jets are the best solution to your back pain. Just turn them on, position them right, and enjoy the warm and soothing spray.

Painted Mural Floor

Make your bathroom truly one of its kind by adding a touch of art. Rather than adding a few accessories to decide the theme of your bathroom, add a floor mural. There is no need to choose from the conventional floor coverings when you could have a masterpiece painted directly on the floor. Plan your bathroom, choose tiles, fixtures, and paint that connect the theme to the whole house.

Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors add character to almost every space — the bathroom itself. The rustic look of wood material on an iron track gives your commode a unique touch. It also allows you to hide the bathroom in a decorative manner. Barn doors can also serve as the focal point, depending on the location of the room. Since barn doors move to the side instead of opening out, they 're ideal for low-space homes.

Bathtub with a fireplace

There's nothing like making yourself cozy next to a roaring fire. Fireplaces are common in living rooms, dens and bedrooms, and are becoming increasingly popular in bathrooms as well. When you unwind in a soothing bath, the warmth and light from a crackling fire add a special touch to the atmosphere.

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