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5 common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

5 common bathroom renovation mistakes to avoid

Budget blowouts, picking the wrong materials, and missed deadlines are the worst scenario for any renovator, but the fact is they are a lot more normal than you would expect in a bathroom renovation project. Although that can sound terrifying, there are lots of ways you can overcome or even fully prevent these basic mistakes.

The most popular bathroom renovation mistakes and our advice on how to prevent them for a seamless and effective bathroom project are discussed here.

Blowing the budget

It's no easy feat to plan your bathroom renovation budget – there are so many factors to remember that even a professional renovator will get overwhelmed going through this process. If you're making the mistake of purchasing before you've fully budgeted for all the material and labor costs, you could quickly discover that your dreams are bigger than your bank balance and end up with a half-finished bathroom as a result.

The solution is to actually speak to the bathroom renovation expert and plan the entire renovation from start to finish. An expert takes your budget as well as your needs into account and guarantees that the design, fixture, and products match your dreams and budget. Consulting with an expert is the best way to keep your spending in check to ensure you don't get a blowout.

Managing the project yourself

Do not make the mistake of going without a project manager to supervise the renovation of your bathroom and choose to take responsibility for the home renovation yourself. Managing a renovation project is not an easy task – you need a clear understanding of the order of the required tasks and you need to recruit and manage a trustworthy team to ensure that your project is done efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.

For the most effective result, you can partner with a renovation firm that will provide you with a project manager to supervise the entire project. There are so many steps involved in a bathroom renovation project, not only is it difficult to learn the right sequence of events, but you do have to ask yourself – do you have the time to take on the challenge yourself? Leaving it to the professionals is the best way to keep your safety in check, your tradespeople happy and avoid blown-out timeframes.

Choosing unsuitable fixtures and finishes

It's incredibly normal for people to get caught up in the aesthetics of bathroom products and therefore end up selecting fixtures that are either low quality, the wrong size, or put in the wrong place. These common errors can easily be avoided if everything in the planning stages is done correctly. The best way to plan the dream bathroom is to hire an expert in a bathroom renovation.

You will get to work with a professional interior designer who will design a layout for how you and your family use the room, choose the best height and size fittings for the room, and choose the highest quality and most cost-effective products.

Not creating a cohesive look

When selecting your bathroom materials and finishes, it's so easy to get caught up in focusing on the bathroom in its entirety that you neglect to consider how the bathroom style will complement the rest of your home. If you make this mistake your bathroom will end up feeling disconnected from the rest of your house.

To avoid this mistake, ensure that there is a specific visual pattern that connects the material and finishes chosen in your bathroom to those used in the rest of your house. For example, to create a cohesive look and feel throughout your home, the tiles or stone in your bathroom should be similar to the ones in your kitchen or another bathroom.

Going crazy with pattern

A common mistake seen in bathroom designs is people wanting to put in their bathroom one too many patterns or features that it ends up competing with one another or overpowering the entire space. Don't get us wrong, we love bathrooms with a richly patterned tile or a striking cabinet paint, however, if they aren't matched with the right fixtures or fittings, it will have a negative space effect.

Our recommendation is to focus on one of your bathroom's standing features and design the rest of your fixtures and fittings. For example, if your standout feature is a patterned floor tile then a neutral or plain tile should be balanced out for the walls. Before making a final decision it is important to take a close look at how all of your elements would look together.

Do you want to avoid making those common mistakes in renovating your bathroom? For a successful and seamless bathroom renovation project, contact Bathroom Renovation Experts in Connecticut

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