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Adding a Fireplace to an Existing Home

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Adding a Fireplace to an Existing Home

Is your home lacking a warm cozy addition—a fireplace? If you're unsure if you can add a fireplace to your current house, the answer is probably yes. A fireplace is a great home improvement that provides desired ambiance and can also increase your property’s value. One of the options is to get a masonry fireplace installed, but there are also much less costly and equally attractive alternatives.

Budget For Fireplace

The cost of a fireplace installation could be a primary consideration in your decision. The costs of building a fireplace can be very costly. A general estimate is in the $10,000 to $25,000 range; however, there are several factors that can influence cost, such as the masonry materials you select.

If you add a gas fireplace, the total cost of the appliance and skilled installation would be about $4,500. In most cases, the installation cost is more than half of the total price.

Electric and gel-fuel fireplaces are usually priced at least $400. They are lightweight and easy to transport.

Electric and gel-fuel fireplace

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If zero-clearance fireplaces are one of your choices, you can put them in almost any room in your house and it is also an inexpensive fireplace option. Choose where you'll love your new fireplace the most, whether it's in the living room area, the kitchen, a bedroom, or even a restroom. You may decide that one fireplace is fine, but two or three would be even better once it's built.

zero-clearance fireplaces

Pick a direct-vent gas fireplace for the simplest installation. This sort of fireplace can be mounted on any external walls and vents directly out the back. Installation takes about a day or a two on average. Although gas fireplaces lack the sounds and scents of a wood fire, they add ambience to any space and often provide more warmth than a wood-burning fireplace. Gas fireplaces often start with the flick of a wrist and are simple to manage and maintain.

direct-vent gas fireplace

You'll need space above to get a chimney through the roof if you want to install a wood-burning fireplace. In two-story homes, the options for where to put the fireplace are minimal, but you can usually find the 12- to 14-inch space required by enclosing a room corner or a spare closet. This is the type of fireplace that most people envision, and it is also the most expensive. It consists of a brick or stone firebox, a brick or stone chimney, and a wood mantel in most cases.

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