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5 Common kitchen island mistakes you should avoid

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Common kitchen island mistakes you should avoid -Henrick home construction

A well-designed kitchen island can encourage and make your kitchen workflow more effective. Getting the design of the kitchen island right the first time around allows you to enjoy its advantages, as well as avoid having to spend extra money on do-overs. In this article, an expert kitchen remodel contractor in North Haven, CT, shares the common mistakes you can avoid when building your kitchen island.

Not thinking about its purpose

Consider its purpose and how it can fix flaws in your kitchen workflow before you start on the kitchen island design. A larger work surface can be able to extend a small prep area, or maybe add a service area or breakfast nook. There are even kitchen islands that can increase kitchen storage.

Selecting the Incorrect Island Size

Compared to your kitchen, your kitchen island must be the right size. An oversized kitchen island would make it impossible to move around the kitchen while an undersized island would not be as convenient as it should be. Like us, a kitchen remodel contractor will help you plan the best size of the island that will fit with the kitchen floor plan.

Not Considering Your Work Area

You're probably already familiar with the kitchen work area which can help make your kitchen workflow more effective if properly implemented. Usually, a kitchen work area consists of three points — refrigerator, cooktop, and sink — that you can move between comfortably. The kitchen island should not be a major obstacle.

Trying to Cram Too Many Seats

Make sure that your island is equipped with enough seats if you double as a breakfast nook or casual dinner table. Ideally put one seat for every two feet. Cramming too many chairs together will cause individuals to elbow each other.

Poor Lighting

The countertops on kitchen islands are used as workspaces, so accent lighting will be required. Besides soft overhead lighting, purpose lighting also helps avoid accidents and mistakes during the preparation of food. When you use a kitchen island for buffet-style food service, it can also act as presentation lighting.

If you want to avoid mistakes when designing your kitchen island, then a hire Professional Kitchen Remodeling Company in Milford, CT

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