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Duties of Architects in Construction Projects

Duties of Architects in Construction Projects

Architects are known for design, project planning, and the aesthetic appearance of buildings and structures. The word "architect" only applies to people who are registered with a local governing body. Architects must meet strict professional training standards and pass an exam in order to become licensed. Without licenses, architectural services can be accessed from people, but they can’t name themselves as architects and also can’t sign building documents.

In order to produce competent designs, architects work together with other experts such as civil and HVAC engineers. During all phases of a project, from the initial drafts and discussions to the inauguration of a building, architects have many duties. The client appoints architects and they have the responsibility to collect all the information and ideas required to create a functional space that meets the needs of the client while complying with the code.


When a client contacts an architect, a meeting is held to address the needs and specifications for the project. Multiple meetings may take place until the conceptual design is met by both parties. Designing an entire building, however, is a big challenge for a single individual; architects collaborate to discuss technical problems and the structural integrity of a building with civil and structural engineers.

Architects are not only engaged in the design process of buildings. In every step of a project, their position is important, and this article illustrates their responsibilities. By designing buildings that enhance natural lighting and ventilation, while reducing heating and cooling needs, architects may also help to increase energy efficiency.

Project Discussion

A client hires an architect to produce a comprehensive design of a project or idea that a client wishes to bring to life. Meetings and consultations with various team members and technical experts will take place prior to the approval of the design. Client expectations, planned budget, site features, safety, and local planning regulations are several issues that must be addressed during such meetings.

Documentation & Drawings

Architects are in charge of making detailed sketches and evaluating the feasibility of the project. This has previously been accomplished by hand, but the process is greatly improved by modern BIM and CAD tools. There are numerous updates and redesigns to incorporate changes in client needs, budgets, and regulations at this level.

Final blueprints lead builders to deliver the desired structure, including designs for all structural, electrical, and mechanical facilities. Other technical papers to be drawn up along with the plans are the design guidelines and technical requirements for contractors.

Cost Estimation

Usually, cost estimation provides greater control over the budget at various levels of the project. Architects imagine the entire building structure, introducing innovative designs and ideas to the construction industry, but these often include an underlying structural design and MEP installations.

Based on efficient cost estimates, architects need to be cautious not to miscalculate the costs of materials and construction time. The amount of information provided by architects in their cost estimates depends on their scale of work: they may be in charge of providing a full design estimate, or only part of it, such as landscaping.


During the contract negotiating process, architects may assist, and they may recommend and select contractors for various activities. The architect carries out review reports after all tenders are received, and findings are compared with the requirements and budget of the client.

Construction Stage

When work starts, the architect will hold site visits and meetings, negotiate contracts, and deal with any issues that might arise and fix them. Any of the paperwork that takes place during phases of construction would include the signature and approval of the architect.

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