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Types of Fire Resistant Drywalls

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Types of Fire Resistant Drywalls

Even though all drywall is fire resistant to some extent, type-X and type-C drywall are specifically developed for use in fire-rated installations. These products are far more effective than normal drywall at containing fire in its source region. When properly installed, this drywall prevents fires and heat from spreading across rooms, floors, and buildings, as well as protecting structural supports long enough for occupants to flee and buildings to be saved.

Type X drywall

Pic credit: home depot

Type X drywall is the first fire rated product and is 5/8 inch thick. Because it incorporates gypsum non-combustible glass fibers, the fire rating is increased by at least one hour.

Type X Shaftliner Drywall has even better fire resistance, but it is used in shaft walls, stairwell enclosures, and area separation firewalls.

Cost and availability of type X

The price of fire-rated drywall is higher than that of conventional drywall. As a general rule, it will cost roughly 15% to 25% more than standard drywall of the same thickness.You may pay $11 for a 5/8 inches thick and 4-ft. by 8-ft. dimensions type-X sheet

Type X fire-resistant drywall isn't a specialty item. It can be found in local home improvement stores or contractor supply stores.

Type C drywall

Pic credit: home depot

As the name implies, Type C drywall is an upgraded variant of the x-type of drywall. There are two thicknesses of this fire-rated drywall: 1/2" and 5/8". There are more glass fibers and vermiculite in this type of drywall than in the X type. Because of these unique features, it is even more resistant to fire, since it slows the spread of fire by 2-4 hours.

Cost and availability of type C

You may pay $12 for a 5/8 inches thick and 4-ft. by 8-ft. dimensions type-C sheet and you can buy online or from a local home improvement store.

Where to install a fire resistant drywall

Building codes often require fire-rated drywall to be put in a handful of these spots in homes:

  • Near the utility and furnace rooms

  • Locations that use a wood stove

  • Garages, particularly the garage walls that separate that section from the rest of the house

  • Garage ceilings with residential spaces above them

Want to make your home fire resistant? Contact your Local Drywall Installation Contractor in North Haven, CT

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