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About Henrick Home Contractors

We’ve mastered the art of innovative home constructions.


Henrick Home Construction is focused on residential constructions that deliver stunning results. Whether you are opting for a full new home construction or getting home additions and home remodeling services, you can expect a construction service that is professional yet personalized, trendy yet innovative.


We are an innovative bunch here at Henrick Home Construction. Years of experience in the construction field brings to our clients an exceptional service because we combine our construction expertise and creativity to provide services that make your dream home become a reality. 


Relationships with clients built on communication and trust.

We understand that your home is your biggest, most valuable asset and you never want to compromise on its quality construction. Keeping this in mind, we always keep our clients’ satisfaction as top priority, building homes that make their valuable asset even more valuable. We believe in establishing relations with clients based on communication and trust – so you can describe what you’d like your home to be like and we can provide solutions about what we can do for you. 


We love building homes for you.

Whether it’s a big home construction or remodeling project or a small one, we give each home a personalized touch. Our professional construction services are made perfect by giving special attention to detail. From the design work to the modeling, development process, and actual construction, everything is done professionally and passionately. Additionally, our service is exceptional – we take care of our clients’ needs because at the end of the day, the home we build is for you so we believe you get the first say in everything. This thorough and meticulous way of working comes from our love for construction – we love building homes for you. That’s a promise.


Got any questions? Need to have a chat about constructions regarding your home? We’d love to talk and answer all your queries. Contact us today!


HIC.0564414, NHC. 0001178 - *Insured and licensed professionals

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