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4 Advantages Of Having A Accesory Dwelling Unit

Accessory dwelling units (ADUs), also called grandparent units, guest houses, or backyard cottages, are units that are constructed on the same property as the main building and often have their own bedroom, restroom, kitchen, and living area. Detached accessory dwelling units are separate from the main house and frequently located on a different part of the property. To learn about all of the wonderful advantages of having a small backyard home, keep reading.

Elderly People

Without a question, one of the most important reasons that households create backyard cottages is for elder living. Having an elderly loved one can be difficult and challenging, particularly for those living in another town or region. It's much simpler for them if you move them into a cozy cottage right outside your back entrance.

Backyard cottages are indeed a great option to provide a grownup child with special needs or loved ones a sense of individuality while still maintaining them accessible enough for you to constantly check on them. A backyard cottage may allow your entire family to stay close and feel at ease, regardless of how large or small your family is.

Rental Income

Adding an ADU to your home is also a great way to start making some additional income on a monthly basis or for shorter periods of time.

Because ADUs often have their own entryway, kitchen, restroom, and bedroom, you can rent them out as separate homes for renters to aid with personal living costs, loans, or investments. Alternatively, if you live anywhere near a large city, you can rent your property on platforms like for shorter-term holidays.


An ADU is a great place for guests to stay, particularly when the only other option is to give them a couch to sleep on. It gives everyone enough space and solitude. One can extend a higher amount of comfort and relaxation to your family and friends.

Resale Value

Adding an ADU to your home will surely boost its resale value. According to research by the National Association of Realtors, a number of homebuyers are ready to pay more for a house with an ADU on the property. Many householders are considering a cash-out refinance to allow them to make these changes irrespective of their present cash flow.

If you are planning to construct an ADU, contact the Home Construction Company in North Haven, CT

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