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4 Advantages of Hiring an Architect For Your Home

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

4 Advantages of Hiring an Architect For Your Home

It is an exciting opportunity to make plans for any architectural project, whether you are renovating a house or a commercial enterprise. However, it can be daunting to implement this without drawing up the correct design plan. If you have a particular design in mind, this is where trained architects prove extremely helpful. As a skilled construction professional, people in this sector are on hand to plan and design the structural side of a building, home, or renovation that construction workers then complete.

Here are some of the advantages of hiring architects for construction:

Expert Guidance

It is a very big undertaking to build or renovate a new home. There are a lot of choices to make, laws to follow, and paperwork to file before obtaining a building permit for those who decide to tackle this task.

In this area, an architect has years of professional experience and thorough knowledge of the process, zoning, and building codes and can help to simplify the process.

The expertise of the architect not only streamlines approval procedures but also makes building the house simpler and more cost-efficient for your contractor by removing unknowns that lead to fewer onsite queries that minimize building delays.

Plan Design

For those looking to build a new home, there are plenty of choices available, such as; purchasing a modular home, a home mass manufactured in a factory and shipped to your site for final completion, purchasing a generic house plan online, a plan that does not take your site issues into account, or hiring an architect to build a unique home that has been thoughtfully built to integrate many aspects of the site components and client’s use.

An architect has been trained to choose the perfect location on a site to use the sunshine, natural shading, views, or other features of the site, such as ponds, streams, etc.

An architect knows how to utilize passive solar technology to monitor daylight during the day and seasons to optimize user convenience and minimize the unnecessary need for electrical and HVAC lighting that can provide a more comfortable atmosphere while at the same time minimizing costs.

Budgeting & Material Selections

The quality and finishing level of materials can differ widely and can have a major effect on the final construction cost. In order to optimize your budget, there are many places where an experienced architect can help direct your choices. The detailed knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of various heating and insulation systems as well as the different quality standards for windows, doors, and sidings can have a real effect and increase a limited budget.

Conservation of energy is today a major challenge for construction. Different building methods and materials can be combined in collaboration with passive solar techniques to help achieve the conservation objectives.

Construction Management & Oversight

The task of the architect during construction is to review and approve shop drawings, answer any questions that the contractor can ask about construction techniques or processes, and help direct the process to successful completion.

Although not part of the standard contract, an architect may take on a more critical role during construction, such as that of the construction manager, for an additional fee. For clients who are unfamiliar with the building process, having an architect as the construction manager may be helpful. The construction manager works closely with the general contractor and serves as the representative of the owner to review and approve payments, review added costs, and keep construction on track.

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