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4 Ways To Select A Kitchen Backsplash

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

4 Ways To Select A Kitchen Backsplash

A stunning backsplash has the ability to elevate a kitchen to new heights. It can offer a splash of personality, color, and design to a plain area, or use a subtle color palette to bring a place together. The style you want will determine whether your backsplash fits into the backdrop or stands out as the main attraction.

Tile Vs Stone

There are several kinds of kitchen backsplashes to pick from, however, stone or tile is the most popular. You may acquire a comparable backsplash to run along the walls if you have granite or manufactured stone counters. This method is not suitable for all situations, and installation can be pricey. Because the stone is so heavy, it needs to be secured to the walls with strong bracing. Cutting around the cabinet layout is also tough.

Tile is perhaps the most popular choice for most contemporary kitchen ideas. It's more adaptable, simpler to set up, and affordable in the foreseeable future.


Although you might not want your backsplash to become the main focal point, it can still be a standout feature. Choose a non-conventional substance. Try using stone, glass, or maybe a mirror rather than traditional tile. A special patterned backsplash may draw a distinction between striking out and fitting in if you choose to go dramatic in color or design. It's a true work of art.


Because your countertops and backsplash meet in the middle, you'll want to be sure they're complementary and function well together. When your countertop and backsplash mismatch, then the whole kitchen's appearance will be thrown off.

Select a backsplash shade which goes well with the countertop — it can be contrasting or in the same color family. The primary rule would be that a "busy" countertop must not be paired with a "busy" backsplash.


Because the expenses of remodeling your kitchen may quickly pile up, it's crucial to keep your budget in check. Although there are definitely areas where you can spend and parts where you can conserve, prefer to be more frugal with tile budget!

It doesn't make sense to pay a substantial percentage of the budget on backsplash when there are so many wonderful tile selections obtainable at such low costs. Usually, you can find a kitchen backsplash from $9-$21.

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