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5 Best Home Improvement Apps

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

 5 Best Home Improvement Apps

Home improvement apps can make it easier to supervise, plan, design, and envision your next home improvement projects, plan, design, and envision your next home improvement project. And some even allow you to buy everything you need to turn your ideas into reality.

Whether you're a construction contractor, home improvement professional, or just having fun and want to get more involved in the design of your property, this selection of the best home improvement apps available on Android, IOS devices will help you do the job.


If you own a home renovation company or if you want to start one, the MagicPlan application will facilitate your work. Introduced in 2011 by Sensopia Inc., the application allows you to create designs, reports, and estimates straight away. The measurement and drawing function makes it more convenient to design interior dimensions in 2D and 3D. When creating reports, you can add images, 360-degree images, and forms and instantly convert them to a PDF with your own logo. Moreover, the magic application comes with AR and LIDAR scanning to facilitate visualization and measurement.

The magicplan application is free to download and you will get full access to all its functions for the first two projects for free. You then have the option to choose from several upgrade plans offered to access additional features.


The Houzz remodeling app is among the most versatile apps for homeowners looking for inspiration and items for their home renovation. The app allows users to shop for lighting, furnishings, and accessories, as well as discover professionals to assist them with their tasks and get motivation from Houzz's enormous photo library of home remodeling projects. It is free to use and available for both android and ios devices.

Project Color

The ProjectColor App makes painting chores easier and more enjoyable. The app allows you to browse thousands of colors, match current colors in your home with a simple photo, and gain ideas from numerous projects and designs. You may also see what paint colors are popular and trending, see how a paint will look in different rooms of your house, and save or buy your chosen paints.

You can use the color visualizer option to pick your favorite color and see how it will look in different areas of the house, both inside and out. Paint samples are available to buy within the app if you're still not willing to commit to a complete can of paint.


BrightNest is a virtual tool belt that combines home improvement with household management. It not only has numerous articles with life hacks and DIY projects, but it also uses information about your home (such as the type of flooring and countertop material) to bring you customized home renovation suggestions and tricks. This app is available for only android devices.


Measured is a simple app that allows users to digitally measure anything they wish, such as rooms, doors, cupboards, and curtains. When using a tape measure is difficult or impossible, this application comes in handy. This app is available for only ios devices.

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