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5 Durable Bathroom Remodeling Tips

5 Durable Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Bathroom renovations are never done quickly, so it's essential to determine all of the significant factors that will extend the life of your remodel when you're planning one. As a result, we've come up with a list of typical concerns that homeowners should consider while planning their bathroom design.

The average bathroom makeover takes about four weeks to complete, and if done well, it should last you at least a decade and a half. Continue reading for some helpful hints on how to make your bathroom more durable.


Check inside your bathroom before you remodel it and evaluate its aesthetics. Your bathroom design is only good as long as it's waterproof. So, before you begin the process of remodeling it, make sure the flooring and walls are well sealed. This ensures that no water leaks through the various surfaces before the tiles or stones are installed.

Drain sizes

If you live in an older home, you may discover that increasing the size of your drains helps the drainage in your sinks, baths, and showers. Since contractors will be accessing inner wall spaces anyway, replacing outdated pipes is also a good idea at this point.

Remember that certain plumbing features, such as modern wall-mounted toilets, have unique needs. Likewise, if you plan to age-in-place, now is the time to install the correct plumbing fixtures, such as walk-in tubs or curbless showers with infinity drains.


Grout is a thick liquid that is used to fill in the spaces between tiles. So, when your restroom has tiled floors, please pay attention to the grouting while it's being installed. This will keep your tiled flooring looking great for years to come.


However, if you want a bathroom with a durable design and high resale value, preserve at least one bathroom with a tub in your home, as home buyers with children will likely choose a tub.

A classic claw-foot tub will never go out of style for enthusiasts of antique or farmhouse style, and adding an above shower to the claw-foot tub is now a common addition. While shower curtains do not have the same opulence as a glass shower door, they can be readily changed out as trends change.

Wall Tiles

You can choose from a number of tiles for your bathroom walls, including ceramic, porcelain, and homogenous. While mosaic or subway tiles are options, more tiles mean more grouting, which can make your bathroom difficult to clean and shorten its lifespan. We suggest using long-lasting ceramic or porcelain tiles that are nearly waterproof once properly installed.

This does not preclude you from opting for a more aesthetically beautiful option, such as marble. When choosing marble or other porous stones for your bathroom's walls and flooring, be sure they've been properly sealed to prevent water from seeping in. To prevent dampness from festering inside and limiting the lifespan of your bathroom, make sure the surface on which you lay the marble is completely dry.

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