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5 Essential Things To Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

5 Essential Things To Consider Before Building Your Dream Home

The aim of every couple or individual is to own their dream home, but the process can be challenging. Most people prefer their ideal home to be located in a natural and peaceful area, away from everyday traffic jams and urban noises. Some people have very good knowledge of their house construction method and construction management, while some others do not have construction knowledge that could make the process complicated and more costly because they lack the technical know-how. It is therefore important to have a simple guide to achieving the dream of owning your house. In order to build your house, we outline five essential steps to take into account:

Get an architect

The first thing to consider before constructing your dream house is to get an architect. An architect is a specialist in architecture who is qualified to listen to your thoughts and bring them to life. He/she is responsible for designing a house customized to your preferences and budget, from the initial construction stage to the completion stage, saving time and money as well.

Purchase a plot

Before constructing your dream house, a very important aspect to consider is a plot of land. You have to take into account some significant details before buying a plot, such as the budget involved in acquiring such a plot. Each plot has some charges, which are called urbanization charges, followed by the necessary facilities like electricity, water, gas, sanitation, etc. These charges suggest that the plot has both economic and municipal regulations to deal with. All this data can easily be accessed by the architect in the city council of each municipality to reduce your stress.

Choose the method of construction

On the basis of the current technological trends, many building methods have been introduced which make construction more effective, efficient and reduce the time of construction. You could opt to use the usual block of sand crate, pre-cast concrete, wood panels to suit your taste. However, these depend on certain factors, such as location, plot topography, weather conditions, customer budget, and much more. The most effective construction method can be done with the guidance of an experienced architect.

Starting the project

When the plot has been purchased, the next step is the paperwork to acquire the required license made up of plans that define the works in accordance with the regulations. Then construction can begin by mobilizing all the construction materials required, such as materials and equipment, by hiring to save costs, setting out and going through every detail of the design to become a reality. It is necessary to devote your time to this phase at this point. To supervise or plan the project for you, the architect will provide you with individual contacts.

The terms

One of the most significant success factors in building your dream house is meeting the required deadlines and the average period of construction to take place is between 2-4 months, depending on the size of the house and the method of construction employed in construction. Last but not least is that the architect should always ensure to take care of the proper execution of the work and to make sure that the budget is adjusted to the one originally expected.

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