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5 Reasons to consider construction a victorian style home

A luxurious home is what we all want. If you are considering constructing a new house with a great architectural design then Victorian homes are one that you can consider. Victorian houses originated during Victoria's reign over Britain and its colonies from 1837 to 1901. Their elegant glass-stained hallways are attractive and bring the monarchical style into houses. Contact our architecture firms in CT if you're ready to build your dream house.

Here are 5 reasons to consider constructing a Victorian style home as your dream house.


Victorian homes are famous for their aesthetic styles and designs. The large entrances make the rooms appear more spacious and provide a royal appearance with natural light entering the room. The exteriors are enhanced by vertical gabled ceilings, bright colors, detailed woodwork, high pillars, and turrets. While, elevated windows, precise trim, dark colors, and historical designs adorn the interiors.


Victorian homes are recognized for their elegance and simplicity. The ornately carved woodwork adds charming class to the house keeping the history alive. Victorian homes are distinguished by their traditionally designed windows, flaring hallways, and wide-open doors.


The traditional Victorian style windows are designed with glass. Opaque windows with a touch of historical arrangement make the room look brighter and more appealing. Some of the most familiar Victorian window styles are tall narrow, round circular windows, grid windows, French-style patios, single or double-hung windows, and geometrical windows.


Balconies have always been famous for centuries. An ample space for a large family always compliments the Victorian style pattern. A balcony with decorated plants and a tea spot, steamy south-side verandas, and a wrap-around balcony with huge corridors and large doors can all add significant value and provide relaxing shade at any time of day.


While high ceilings are known to add grandeur and luxury to a room, Victorian properties with high ceilings display wealth to visitors. It creates an illusion of a spacious room, bringing all the natural light and making the house look royal and stunning.

Contact home architects in CT today to know more about what we can do for your architecture needs.

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