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5 Ways to Prepare for Your Home Renovation Project

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

5 Ways to Prepare for Your Home Renovation Project

Home renovation projects come in several different ways, some take a day or two and others take several weeks or even months to complete. But no matter what sort of project you choose, it's always a good idea to spend a decent amount of time planning for what's to come.

Here are the ways to prepare for your home renovation project:

Determine Your Budget

This is incredibly important and something that needs to be done before you continue with the project any further.

The last thing you want to do is set aside $1,000 for a home improvement project, and then get hit with a $5,000 bill at the end of it.

Take some time to think about what you want to do and then speak to an expert about things before you take the plunge. Make sure you can afford it and also ensure that what you're going to do is something that is on your "must-do" list.

Choose Your Materials

Now that you know what you can afford, you can start looking around and head out to your local home improvement store.

For example, if your approved budget calls for granite countertops in the kitchen, see what is available in that area. Engineered quartz is increasing in popularity and is much more budget-friendly if you've found that you need to save a few dollars in this area.

Write down things, take pictures, and choose what you want to install in whatever area of the house you are renovating. You can then bring those ideas to your contractor, as well as get some input from him.

Determine What You Can Do Yourself

There will certainly be some parts of the project that you can do yourself if you want to save some time. Though, you might want to try this out yourself first, just to make sure you're not in over your head. If you can't or really don't want to do it, then that's what your contractor is for.

Be Realistic

When embarking on a new home renovation project, keep in mind the size and value of your home. For example, if your home is only worth $100,000 to start with, you don't want to put in a new kitchen at $50,000 cost.

It is not realistic to think that this project would instantly add 50 percent to the value of your current home, so the project will not be advised.

Interview Contractors

This is certainly an important part of the process and one that you don't want to take lightly. Interview as many home renovation contractors as possible, and make sure you make a solid choice.

Check references, do online research, consult with your local chamber of commerce to make sure the contractor holds valid licenses in any areas they may be operating in. Taking a little extra time and carefully reviewing prospective contractors will prove useful down the road in this stage of the process.

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