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6 Types of roof styles you don't know about

When building a house, a roof is known to take up to 45% of the outer space. you need to be confident about what will enhance the architectural design you select for your dream home. Contact our expert home architects in CT for a free quote.


Gabble was derived from the French word for "facade or front." A triangular roof that mainly provides protection from wind, rain, and snow. These are popular roofs among homeowners as they offer better ventilation and are cost-effective. There are four types of gabble roofing styles to consider: side, front, crossed, and dutch gables.


A mansard roof has an elegant appearance with classic French architectural design. The double slopes on all sides of the roof are its best feature, with the top slope being flatter than the bottom creating a vertical appearance for the visitors. With plenty of internal attic space and numerous windows, the style allows homeowners to fully utilize the upper story.


If you've ever seen a butterfly wing, you'll notice that this roof style exactly resembles the wings of a butterfly. This roofing style is an inverted v-shaped roof with both slopes leaning inwards in the center. It was originally intended to collect rainwater in the center and use it for a variety of purposes such as bathing, watering plants, and purifying it for drinking.


Looking for a versatile and easy maintenance roof? A flat roof is economical and has a contemporary look. These roofs are not perfectly flat but have a slight incline to keep rainwater from clogging. The flat roof provides more space for house owners to work on their rooftop garden, an outdoor kitchen, or even a relaxation area.


Shed roofs are similar to flat roofs but have a higher pitch. They are also known as skillion roofs. With only one sloping side, shed roofs remove angles and lower spots on the walls, giving the interiors a tonne of functional space. They are affordable and simpler to construct than many other roof styles.


An M-shaped roof is also known to be a sawtooth roof. They were popular among factory buildings but now modern homes have adopted this style. These roofs have two sloped sides and are double gable roofs that meet in the middle and interconnected slopes on either side which gives the appearance of having several peaks. It allows natural light to enter through windows, making rooms appear larger.

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Michelle Amanda
Michelle Amanda
May 09, 2023

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