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Adding a Sunroom to Your House

Updated: May 24, 2021

Have you ever considered adding a sunroom to your house? A three-season sunroom can help you prolong the summer season by providing a vibrant escape where you can relax or entertain. A year-round sunroom can be the ideal solution if your home is lacking in space.

It takes time to plan a sunroom extension. Working with a design-build company is recommended. It's critical to address options for the room's location and size, the architectural design, the number of glass windows, doors, and skylights you may like to include, heating and air conditioning, amenities and decorative details to include, and your budget during your meeting with your design professional.

Identify the Size and Location

Sunrooms are commonly found on the first floor of a house, off of a kitchen or family room. The size and shape of a sunroom, as well as how the addition would relate to the building, will be determined by the roofline and slope.

Consider the following questions as you consider the location and scale of the addition:

  • Is the land you want to develop on facing north or south?

  • Is there a garden or lake view from your yard that you'd like to take advantage of?

  • Is the space going to be built off a doorway somewhere in the house? If the sunroom is built into an area of your home where there is already a door opening, you will be able to save money.

  • Where would you leave the room to go outside?

  • Does the exit go to a deck or a patio?

  • What are your plans for space?

  • Would you mainly use it for reading and relaxing, or will you use it for dining and entertaining?

  • Is it going to be a multi-purpose space?

Design to Match the Architecture of Your House

A sunroom addition should be designed to complement a home's architectural style and fit in with the existing structure. It should also be functional and tailored to your requirements.

Three-Season or Year-Round?

Do you want to use the sunroom all year or as a three-season room in a typical north east climate from April to November? For a year round sunroom, you will need insulation, heating, thermal paned doors, windows, and skylights. Since three-season sunrooms don't need all of these amenities, they're usually less expensive. When talking with a planner about the project, bring up the room's solar exposure. For three season sunrooms the solar angle helps a lot.

Are you planning to add a sunroom to your house? Contact the Home Addition Contractor in North Haven, CT

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