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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Adding a Bay Window To Your Home

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Adding a Bay Window To Your Home

Bay windows have historically been thought of as a form of elegance due to the stunning look they create in a room. There are several benefits to consider, as well as a few drawbacks, before choosing to add a bay window to your home. Changing your home's windows is a major decision that requires you to think about the cost of new windows and their efficiency and how they will affect the appearance and feel of your home. So, would a bay window increase a home's value?

We are huge fans of bay windows. They're like displaying a lovely painting that is constantly shifting with the seasons. Aside from the added scenic views, a bay window can add significant value to a home.

Bay Window


More sunlight – It should go without saying that more windows equals more light. Bay windows, on the other hand, allow maximum sunlight into a space from three vantage points rather than just one. This will brighten a space for extended periods of time, making it ideal for living rooms, nurseries, and offices where natural light is needed.

Additional space – Bay windows can really open up a room and are generally a good spot for storage and extra seating. A bay window in a study or library, for instance, can be outfitted with seating to make a mini reading nook.

Added property value – Specialty windows provide an artistic touch that is a step up in design from regular stock windows, adding value and attractiveness to a house. You can tell only by visiting an open house and hearing someone exclaim, “Look, this room has bay windows!” They also raise a home's square footage, which often adds to its market value.

Increased ventilation – A bay window's two operable panes enable you to open them to let fresh air in. Because of their dimensions, bay windows are also better suited than standard ones to let in cool breeze.


Bay windows can suffer from the same disadvantages.

Solar gain – Getting all that extra light comes with the drawback of solar heat gain. The more the rays of the sun, the warmer that space will get you through your window. Of course, this can be resolved by switching to high-efficiency insulated glass.

Failure to install properly can lead to problems – if bay windows are not properly installed, structural problems can develop over time. Since bay windows are load bearing, they will break walls if the base settles. This is why you must get your new bay window installed by an AWDI accredited window professional.

Price of a new bay window – The cost of replacing current flat windows with a bay window would be significantly higher. That's why it's crucial to weigh the advantages of a bay window—as well as the overall value added to your home—before taking the plunge.

The benefits of a bay window far outweigh any drawbacks, in our opinion. The aesthetic value alone makes the extra expense worthwhile, and there is maybe no better view than that from a bay window. Bay windows raise the selling value of any home by offering expansive views of the natural environment, more sunshine, and improved ventilation and airflow.

If you still confused whether to add a bay windows to your home or not, then contact the Custom Home Builder in CT

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