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Updated: Sep 23, 2022

All You Need To Know About Bar Sinks

Have you had a desire to have an additional sink in your kitchen space? The bar sinks are an ultimate choice as you have many styles and shapes available in the market. Contact our professional renovation contractor who can help you prep your kitchen space based on your home interiors as they believe in working hard and working together. To get detailed information about bar sinks read on to know all about them and how they are beneficial.


Bar sinks are compact when compared to the actual sink in your kitchen. Also known as wet bar sinks, island sinks, and prep sinks, these can be set up indoors or outdoors according to preference. This sink enables quick clean-up without having to return to your kitchen sink. It can also be used as an ice tub to keep drinks cool and ready for guests to grab when they arrive.


Although the size of prep sinks varies, in shape, style, and type, there are different materials for a prep sink to match your household appearance. Below are some of the most popular shapes and forms of bar sinks to match the look of your kitchen and help ensure a consistent look throughout the kitchen.

The most familiar shapes used to install bar sinks are mentioned below:

  • Oval

  • Square

  • Round

The most familiar forms of bar sink materials are:

  • Stainless steel (SST)

  • Copper or metallic brown

  • Cast iron

  • Natural stone

  • Ceramic or fireclay

  • Brass


There are three different kinds of bar sinks that are available easily. The price varies according to the design and materials of the sinks.

  • Drop-in bar sinks

If you’re looking for affordable and attractive bar sinks then drop-in bar sinks are your go-to option. As these can be installed into the pre-designed countertops of your kitchen with ease.

  • Farmhouse bar sinks

Farmhouse bar sinks uncover the entire sink and are typically purchased by people who want their sink to blend in with the interior design of their kitchen. When compared to drop-in bar sinks, they are deeper, wider, and more expensive. However, our home construction remodeler can customize your bar sink to the desired size and width.

  • Under-mount sinks

Looking for a multipurpose bar sink where you can chop your vegetables and also chills your drinks at the same time? Under-mount sinks are large and placed under the countertops which creates space to hold a chopping board placed on the top. Under-mount sinks can be cleaned without much effort and it doesn’t allow the dust and dirt to accumulate quickly.


Small and easy to maintain- prep sinks are usually square or rectangular in shape with an average dimension of 15’’inches wide, 15’’-25’’inches long, and 5 to 6 feet deep. Since they are small they can fit into any place and are also easy to maintain as they have small corners or no corner for dust to gather.

They potentially improve meal preparation- It has the potential for multipurpose use where the faucet can be used to wash off veggies and hands while preparing a meal. This is why they are also referred to as prep sinks.


Added expense- Despite the fact that they are small bar sinks they are an added expense to the kitchen space because they come with plumber expenses, maintenance charges, additional attachments, cleaning procedures, fixing charges, and a lot more.

Takes up space- If you happen to have a small kitchen at your house, then a bar sink takes up the extra space leaving no counter space.

If you are planning to add a bar sink to your home, contact the Home Improvement Contractor In Stratford, CT

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