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Answers to Know When Considering to Add an Indoor Swimming Pool

Updated: May 24, 2021

Answers to Know When Considering to Add an Indoor Swimming Pool

We've worked on a lot of indoor swimming pool projects over the years, and we've noticed that people have a lot of questions when they first start considering adding a pool to their home.

Today, we'll go through some of the most popular questions we get from clients and people all over the world who are interested.

Let's get started!

indoor swimming pool- henrick home

What are the pro and cons of owning an indoor pool?


  • Swimming is accessible throughout the year.

  • Less cleaning is needed because outside debris does not enter the pool.

  • Less chemical use is needed because sunlight has no effect on chlorine levels.


  • Construction costs are much higher.

  • Increased energy costs due to the need to heat the air space and pool water.

  • Sunbathing is not possible due to the lack of direct sunshine

What is the cost of an indoor swimming pool?

According to our experience, the cost of an indoor pool in the majority of the United States begins at about $190,000 and rises from there.

Why do you need to spend so much money? Let's take a look at a short price comparison:

Usually, a swimming pool would cost between $35,000 and $65,000

Let's assume we want to create a 1130sq.ft building with a $100 average price per sq. foot. The cost of the structure will be $113,000.

To protect it from moisture damage, one must install a dehumidification device. This will usually cost you at least between $25,000 and $35,000.

The overall cost of this hypothetical project will be $200,000 if we use the middle range of these costs.

Can you build the pool now and enclose it later?

Yes, you can do this. The secret to doing this is meticulous project planning.

You can pour the footings for the future structure while the pool deck is being poured if you know the scale of the structure ahead of time.

Before pouring the deck, you should also rough in any water/electrical for the future building.

What pool accessories should I think about if I have an indoor pool?

Automatic Pool Covers

It's subject to debate whether automatic covers for an outdoor pool are worth the money. Indoor pools, on the other hand, are almost a no-brainer.

Moisture control is critical for any pool structure's long-term performance. Evaporation is practically eliminated by automatic covers, which keep the water in the pool rather than in the air.

Pool Heater

Since indoor swimming pools receive little to no direct sun, another method of heating the pool water is needed. A natural gas or propane heater is the most common form of pool heater for indoor pools.

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Jad Adams

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