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Are wooden countertops a good choice for your kitchen?

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Kitchen countertops are essential when it comes to functionality and aesthetics, as they are one of the core components of the kitchen.

The kitchen countertops today have a wide range of materials. From the solid surface, engineered stone, to natural and rock. These kitchen countertops play an important role as a surface for food preparation, cooking, etc. since you can also use them as a cutting board.

All you need is a countertop of your choice that is durable, easy to handle, and attractive. One of the favorite countertops in the kitchen is the wooden countertop, which is a natural-looking material that provides a feeling of comfort inside the kitchen. Most of the wooden countertop materials can be a perfect complement to any hardwood flooring and interior furniture.

This type of material has an authentic feeling of antiquity and also gives the kitchen a classic and elegant look. It's obvious that this cabinet and counter material has an inviting feeling that serves as a practical countertop material in the kitchen compared to the other options. So, here's how to choose the right wooden countertop.

Grain Orientation

Wood countertop materials have their grain textures so when ordering this type of material, it is important to remember the orientation of the grain. Let's address the various potential grain patterns:

Edge or Stave Grain

Making an edge or stave grain is to position the board on its side as it exposes the more extended and narrower side of the board making it a rectangular piece of puzzle built for function and elegance. One of the advantages of a wooden countertop is that it is durable, making it an appropriate work surface.

Face or Plank Grain

Face grain is the most typical of decorative wood furniture and countertops. This type of grain is the most suitable for decoration as it reveals the surface wood grain's real beauty. In making a wood countertop, planks are stuck together until the expanded side creates the upper area.

End Grain

An end grain type of wood material is the most durable and suitable compared with other countertop types. One of the best examples of an end-grain type is the butcher block, which is known to be one of the most durable types of wood countertops.

If you have an eye for natural beauty and are willing to put time and effort into maintenance, then the best choice and the most appropriate counter for you is a wood countertop material.

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