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Bathroom grab bars: pros and cons

As we age, we constantly strive to make our surroundings secure, including bathrooms. Bathroom grab bars make it easier for elderly and disabled people to use the bathroom facilities on their own. Below are a few pros and cons of bathroom grab bars, read them before installing. Get a free estimate by contacting our bathroom remodeling professionals.


  • INCREASED SAFETY: Grab bars give users security and assistance while using them. It can reduce the possibility of any accidents occurring.

  • INDIVIDUAL INDEPENDENCE: These can provide stability, confidence, and trust to elderly and disabled people, enabling them to use the restroom independently and safely without help.

  • TYPES: Based on the size, location, weight, and shape, different types of grab bars are available that are best suited for your bathrooms.

  • DURABILITY: Most grab bars are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which make them strong and able to withstand repeated use and moisture exposure.

  • EASY TO USE: Anyone who has difficulty standing or sitting can use grab bars because they have an easy grip and are non-slip. Grab bars can help make the bathroom more accessible for those who have mobility or balance issues.

  • AFFORDABLE: Your bathrooms can benefit from having grab bars installed, which is a low-maintenance solution.


  • DIFFICULT FOR A FEW INDIVIDUALS: If the grab bars are not placed correctly, it may be extremely difficult for some people with very limited mobility to grasp them properly.

  • AESTHETICS: The grab bars you need might not be available because they don't necessarily match the design of your bathroom.

  • RISK OF CORROSION: If you discover that your grab bars are not resistant to corrosion, they will rust and deteriorate over time. Always choose grab bars that are corrosion-resistant.

  • RISK OF DAMAGED WALLS: To install grab bars, holes must be drilled into your walls, which could cause temporary damage.

  • COST: The installation of high-quality grab bars is simple with professional assistance, despite they can cost higher during peak sale times.

  • NOT A DIY PROJECT: You will need a professional's help to install grab bars; it is not a task that you should attempt on your own.

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