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Brighten Up Your Balcony Space With These Design Ideas

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The balcony of a home can be safely called the unsung hero, it’s a personal space where a family can relax and enjoy the little pleasures of life. From sipping your morning coffee to enjoying evening drinks with friends, this space of the house witnesses continuous traffic. With the right inspiration, décor and props you can transform your home’s balcony and give it an aesthetic look.

Below are some lovely examples of open balcony designs. If you want something similar for your home, consult our renovation contractors.

Set Up a Garden

Plants can help to soften the transition between the inside and the outside. Get some vibrant florals and lush greenery to instantly transform your balcony space. Use a variety of potted plants and planter boxes to give it a playful touch. If there are space constraints then make the most of the vertical space on the wall to hang potted planters. Welcoming nature into your balcony area sets a cosy, earthy ambience that not only gives direct delight but also helps one live healthier.

Wooden Deck

You could build a lovely deck on your balcony using quality wooden deck tiles. If you're obsessed with the balcony flooring, a light wood varnish sets up a nice soothing clean line, making it a perfect foundation for a balcony so you can sit and relax! Another alternative is by including a custom-built lounge along the balcony; this balcony takes a bold step toward establishing a social area for large gatherings. The seats will be unlikely to be affected by storms or the sun if the right wood is being used.

The Kids’ Corner

A balcony can also be designed as a play area for children. With limited storage space for toys and other stationery items, this could be a seating area with board games or a station for crafting. You can either choose bright colours to paint the balcony walls or create a white background and then add colorful geometrical shapes to give it an interesting twist.

A Sky Bar

A balcony bar appears to be a lot of fun and a dream for many homeowners. If you're planning a small gathering, head up to the spacious sky bar. It has plenty of stockpiling for all your bar necessities, whether it's the soft and comfortable seat or the mounted rack and base units.

The Perfect Outdoor Space

There may be few homeowners who do not want anything additional but would like to design a balcony that is perfect in its own right. An excellent outdoor space can be as simple as a cosy corner, coffee table, an art gallery, a swing, or just a hot tub.

If you want to renovate your home balcony, get in touch with an Architecture Firm, CT.

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