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Choosing a balcony which suits your home

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Choosing a balcony which suits your home

Are you wondering how to improve the aesthetic appeal of your house when constructing a brand-new one or refurbishing an old one? Then we recommend that you pay attention to the balcony of your home. Apart from being highly functional, a balcony plays a crucial role in further beautifying the exterior of your home. Adding a spacious balcony gives you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors with friends, family, or just by yourself.

The style of the balcony will differ based on the structure of your home. You can contact professional home and remodeling contractors who will be happy to make suggestions based on your property. Meanwhile, read through the various balcony styles to enhance your knowledge which will also help you to make the right decision.

Stacked Balcony

Stacked balconies are a perfect alternative if you're a homeowner searching for a simple and stylish balcony that is also affordable, and easy to maintain. The structure is simple, with pillars used to support the space between two or more balconies. This method gives each balcony stability, creating a vertical patio.

Cantilever Balcony

If you're building a new home and want a balcony that is roomy and projects from the building's face, a cantilever should be the perfect idea for you. It is a platform that reaches beyond the building and has no apparent support. Planning is necessary since they place heavier point loads yet do not require chains or brackets. A structure that is included in the building's load-bearing beam maintains the weight of the balcony.

Hanging Balcony

Hanging balconies are an excellent choice if you live in a city apartment. As the name implies, it is a self-supporting structure in which mounting plates and steel cables secure hung balconies to the side of the building. Due to the low load imposed on the building, you just need some vibrant florals and lush greenery to instantly transform your balcony.

Mezzanine Balcony

The mezzanine is the only known interior structured balcony, while all other types of balconies are located outdoors. The patio overlooks a large room in the house, providing a large area to sit and relax in your cozy corner.

Loggia Balcony

A loggia balcony is something you're sure to enjoy, especially if you love having people with you all the time at your residence. They are a popular form because they are an elongated portion of the structure with a canopy on top and sufficient space to create your own design, in addition to a comfortable seating area with home furnishings.

If you are still having trouble making a choice on which balcony best suits your home, consult a local remodeling contractor in Stratford, CT for an expert advice.

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