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Cost of Basement Remodeling

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Cost of Basement Remodeling

Adding finished living space to your basement is a terrific way to increase the value of your house and increase the amount of usable square footage without having to change the façade. It's possible that you'll get a good return on your investment.

Consider factors such as the cost of your project, whether you'll need to engage expert contractors, and how you'll pay for it before you start.


The cost of finishing a basement varies greatly based on where you live, the size of your basement, and whether you hire a professional or do it yourself. For a 400 to 1500 sq-ft basement, the cost of finishing it ranges from $3,000 to $35,000. A typical basement renovation costs $19,000.


These are necessary for home modifications that entail electrical and/or plumbing and cost $1,000 to $2,200 on average.


Low-hanging basement pipes and ductwork are left exposed or painted by some homeowners or are required by construction requirements. Drop ceilings, which use lightweight panels or tiles to enclose mechanical equipment, can cost as little as $7 per square foot or as much as $32 per tile, depending on the type of material and grid used. Ceilings made of basic drywall can cost anywhere from $2 to $4 per square foot. Wall panels made of drywall or sheet paneling can cost anywhere from $18 to $65 per panel.


Waterproofing your basement is one of the most expensive parts of this job, costing roughly $4,300. After a flood or storm, pumping water out of your basement might cost up to $9,000. Waterproofing the space will also help to protect it from mold and mildew buildup, which can be dangerous and expensive to get rid of.

Egress Windows

Building rules require egress windows in many cases if there will be a bedroom or family room in the finished basement, and they normally cost around $2,000, though they can start at several hundred dollars on the low end and go up to $4,000 or more in some cases. The cost of installing an egress window varies greatly based on the amount of work necessary.

All in all, expect expenses to rise if a lot of excavation, foundation cutting, drainage setup, and wall sealing is required. Permits and inspections may be required to guarantee that utility lines are not disrupted during the installation procedure.

If you are planning to remodel your basement, contact the Basement Remodeling Contractor in North Haven, CT

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