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Hiring an Architect for Kitchen Remodeling

Updated: May 24, 2021

Hiring an Architect for Kitchen Remodeling

The requirement for an architect totally relies on the extent of the remodeling of your kitchen and the desired result. Generally minor projects, like installing a window or furniture restoration, don’t need an architect or designer to do so. Usually, these tasks can be done successfully by a homeowner or renovating contractor with great ease. However, hiring an architect may be very beneficial if you are planning a larger or more complex renovation.

What does an architect actually do?

Architects have a solid grounding in designing, construction management, and engineering. They may easily draw up the plans or supervise the whole project, like soliciting tenders, selecting contractors, etc. Although contractors provide similar services, they do not deliver the most visually beautiful or creative solutions that an architect can provide.

In many circumstances, before hiring the contractor, you employ an architect. To go over all your requirements and create a complete action plan, you will meet with the architect. After the bidding process starts, these plans can alter, in which case the architect is tasked with redrawing blueprints to comply with revised requirements.

When you see AIA after the architect’s name, it means the person is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Licensing of architects is independent and regulated by your specific state.

What is the cost of hiring an architect?

The estimated cost of hiring an architect varies from $60 to $160 per hour, accounting for typically 5% to 15% of the overall cost of the project. In comparison to hourly services, some architects offer their services for a flat fee. Rates are also negotiable if you ask for them.

Employing an architect is not inexpensive, but it takes a lot of work away from your to-do list. In reality, you're entrusted with nothing more than writing checks if you employ an architect to supervise your whole project. For those with the budget for it, this is a nice advantage, but it's not necessary to employ an architect to supervise your entire project.

What are the advantages of employing an architect?

An architect is eligible to solve difficult problems and has creative solutions.

Complicated projects greatly benefit from an architect's experience and perspective.

When you are making major improvements to a building's interior or exterior, an architect ensures that the project requirements are secure and up to standard.

If you want to go green with your renovations, the perfect candidate to help you do that is an architect. More architects are engaging in environmentally conscious techniques that will favor the environment, as well as your kitchen's long-term cost-effectiveness.

How to save money on an architect?

Hire an architect who is new to the industry and, because of less experience, charges lower fees.

Limit the use of an architect to the blueprints and stage of the overall design. You may still recruit them to come back to perform site inspections from time to time. After the framing is mounted and during the punch-up, these visits usually don't turn out to be too expensive.

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