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Improvements to Consider for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Improvements to Consider for Your Next Bathroom Remodel

The bathroom is considered as the most important room in the home. If you want to add functionality to your old bathroom then remodeling is the best option. A bathroom remodel adds value to your home and updates its style.

If you're planning to spend money on a bathroom remodel this year, consider making these changes to improve the storage, functionality, and comfort of your bathroom.

Hidden-Tank Toilet

In toilets with a hidden tank, the water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall. They act as a great space saver for a small bathroom. If you choose a low-flow model, you can save water every time you flush. It is easy to clean and a hygienic option when compared to a box style cistern.

They go well with modern and contemporary decor. The stainless steel buttons offer a stylish look for the interior of your bathroom. It is definitely a smart choice that increases the value of your home after the remodel.

2-inch Plumbing Drain Pipes

Plumbing is one of the important things you should pay attention to when remodeling the bathroom. The typical bathroom drain plumbing is 1 ½ or sometimes 1 ¼ inch-diameter pipe, usually PVC plastic. When the drain is small, gunk and hair go in the drain.

When you upgrade to a 2-inch diameter drain, it has less chance to clog. Its installation costs the same and will improve the quality of drainage in your bathroom.

A window in the shower

Insufficient ventilation can be the biggest enemy of a clean bathroom. The humidity and the odor stays inside the space and makes it unpleasant.

So, adding a window in your shower helps to keep your bathroom clean and free of mold. You can choose a frosted-glass to make it private. For natural ventilation, the window should also be able to open for fresh air.

Textured Tile Shower Floor

The textured shower floor is one of the most important safety choices for your bathroom. It not only looks attractive but it also keeps you from slipping. Its extra grouting and texture keep you from slipping once the floor gets soapy and wet.

The modern bathroom tiles are easy to clean because grouts in them are resistant to stains, humidity, and mold. Ceramic and porcelain tiles can give a stylish look. Mix and match different colors and patterns to get the maximum visual impact.

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Hire a bathroom remodeling contractor and get the job done.

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