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Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Every day, kids begin and conclude their day in the bathroom. As a result, the environment must capture their attention, provide warmth, and reflect a portion of their characters. Many elements are considered during the planning and design stage, including security, usability, storage, style, and even more. If you're short on time, you can DIY the transformation or pay a creative professional to do everything for you.

Create a budget ahead of time so that your finances aren't harmed later. Remember that your child will become a teen in a few years, and his or her restroom requirements may change over the course of time.


You can keep your children's restroom easy to maintain while also keeping it appealing to the eye. Select flooring that pairs perfectly with dark grout, that helps to cover dirt and stains. You may even think about tiling the walls, which will make cleaning a lot easier.

Select high-quality materials for sinks and faucets, such as brushed nickel, that hide watermarks and handprints nicely.


You must make the space as lively as possible using colors. Many kids enjoy having a good time in the restroom if it is vibrant and lively. You want children to feel as if they're in a theme park, so you should use their favorite colors to create the restroom on their own.


Bathroom floor tiles can be as imaginative or as traditional as you wish in terms of beauty. A word of caution: if you use intricate patterns, the aesthetic appearance may be too unstable for the floor. To make a viewpoint, save the showy tiles for the backsplash.

Natural stones such as granite and marble, on the other hand, are water-resistant as well, but they are more expensive. Another thing to remember is that a child's restroom can age with them, so consider long-term wear and design versatility. Choose a low-cost choice such as ceramic or porcelain tiles, which are sturdy, dependable, and low-maintenance.

Things to Avoid

  • Adding wallpaper in the bathroom rather than tiles – Wallpapers, no matter how lovely they appear, are not water-resistant and can cause your washroom walls to tear and become moldy. Alternatively, use a trendy pattern tile backsplash.

  • Putting sanitaryware too high for children to access – The sink, towel rack, or bathroom cabinets may be difficult for children to access at times. Ensure they're positioned at the appropriate height, or just use step stools to compensate.

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