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Light Fixture Options to Consider for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

Light Fixture Options to Consider for Your Next Home Remodeling Project

The focus area of most homeowners while designing or remodeling their homes is often rested on the color of the walls, and the furniture. Lighting takes a backseat, and most homeowners settle for a single type of lighting for their entire home. Good lighting plays a crucial role in elevating the overall look of your interior décor. No matter how well aesthetically you design your home, insufficient lighting will rob away the charm, and can also make the space look more cramped up. If you find yourself struggling with what kind of light fixtures you should opt for, then below are some ideas you can take inspiration from.

Recessed Lights

Also known as downlights, recessed lights are fixtures that are installed inside a wall, ceiling, or other surfaces directly. In this model of lighting, most parts of the light fixture, and electric wiring are hidden in the wall, thus nothing hangs down. It minimizes disruption of the visual space and is particularly suitable for rooms that have a low ceiling. Recessed lights are usually installed at equal distances to provide even illumination to the room. There are several styles of recessed lights available in the market, like the eyeball, reflectors, and baffles, and you are sure to find something that will match your interior.

Pendant Lights

Also known as suspender lights, or drop lights, the light fixture hangs from the ceiling either with a chain, metal rod, or even a pipe. These are different from the chandelier, where the former has only one bulb incorporated, while the latter holds multiple bulbs. Pendant lights are suitable as task or area lighting and make an ideal choice for dining rooms, and kitchens.

Surface Mount Light

These lights are mounted on flat surfaces, like the ceiling, and they protrude away from the surface. These are suitable for indoor applications especially when you want to create uniform lighting in the room. Their strength lies in the fact that they are highly flexible, and these blend well with both contemporary and vintage décor.


Spotlights, like the name suggests, are ideal when you want to create more focus lighting for a specific area. The models of spotlights differ based on the area and amount of brightness you seek. These make a great addition to both the interior and exterior parts of your space.

Bollard lights

These are typical landscape lights that can give the right illumination to your otherwise dark driveway. These are simple lights that are mounted on a certain type of post. These come in varied shapes like round, dome top, square, and even rectangle and it’s made in such a way that the light shines directly on the ground.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there is a sea of other light fixtures that you can explore to add to your interiors as well as landscape lights. You can also seek expert advice from top architecture firms in CT, who can make the right suggestions based on your needs.

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