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Permits Required for New Home Construction and Renovation

Permits Required for New Home Construction and Renovation

After months of planning, many property owners are naturally eager to get started on their projects, and they see the permission process as an unneeded stumbling block – and, in some cases, a form of government intrusion.

In this blog, we will explain why a building permit is required, as well as when you may require one, and what will happen if you don’t have them.

The purpose of state and local building codes is to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of homeowners. Certain building requirements exist in seismically active states, but they do not exist in other states. On the other hand, even if the local municipality's laws do not extend that far, an elite, gated community may restrict the colors homeowners may paint the siding on their homes.

In Connecticut, the construction of new buildings as well as most home remodeling work requires a permit. If you don't get the appropriate permissions for the new home construction or remodeling the old one and your local government body finds out, you could face a hefty fine.

Building Permits

You need building permits for the following in Connecticut state

  • Building a new structure.

  • Any renovations or additions to an existing building.

  • Converting an unused basement into a livable space.

  • Constructing a new swimming pool and hot tub enclosure.

  • Building a tennis court.

  • Exterior decks.

  • Installing a fireplace.

  • Installing solar panels to a structure.

  • Constructing retaining walls that are more than 3 ft in height.

  • Installing a fence that is taller than 7 ft in height.

  • Demolition of any existing building or structure.

Trade permits

  • Electrical Work

  • Work on the plumbing

  • HVAC (heating and cooling) work

  • Putting in a generator

If you still have questions related to building permits, contact the Local Building Contractor in CT.

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