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Pros And Cons of a Pool House

A swimming pool is exciting and fun. Having a pool is a cool place to chill and hang out with your close ones and also an outdoor activity when you need to relax. Our professional Home construction company understands the value of a pool and provides the best construction services that are not only top quality but also innovative.

Here are some pros and cons of having a swimming pool.



According to real estate markets, a pool can add a lot of resale value to the house. Many buyers prefer to buy houses with pools over those with just an outdoor garden. They are a major attraction to the house and are always in demand for families with kids and pets. It can easily raise your house value from 8% to 12%.


Swimming is a great way to reduce stress and burn those calories. It is a great exercise for the body as it builds endurance and is a perfect outdoor activity for your children. For those ageing, they could relax in the pool which allows their joints and muscles to tone up.


If you enjoy interior or exterior design for your home, a properly placed pool design can completely transform the appearance on the outside. It could be a focal point or a backdrop. Enhance your pool with lights of various sizes and patterns. A baby pool for children and an in-ground pool for adults can improve the aesthetics of your home.


A pool party in your mind? or a backyard barbeque at home? You can now throw a poolside party with your family and friends. Having a swimming pool solves all your problems and makes them eventful when you want to gather for special events or a holiday with just your kids.



Owning a pool comes with the responsibility of maintaining it. You want to make sure that the water is hygienic and not infected with bacteria or viruses. If you wish for your pool to be sparkling at all times, you must undertake certain essential maintenance such as purchasing the right chemicals, using the proper cleaning methods, cleaning the filters, and using other tools to upkeep and maintain the pool at all times.


It's important to make sure that your kids, pets, and elderly are safe around the pool. Specific precautions should be taken beforehand to avoid any uncertain incidents. A fall or a skid can cause serious injuries and lead to unwanted circumstances. Small kids having fatal accidents in the pool is too common and has to be prevented at all costs.


An additional insurance premium is required for additional risks for your pool. To ensure that you need to pay only minimum charges for your insurance, take all the safety measures for the pool from setting up fences as per the government rules.


Though repair costs of a pool depend on the size of the pool and the issues that need fixing, they are usually high and tend to cost more than you can imagine. The cleaning and fixing of bulbs or a small leak in the vinyl pool liner are one of the most common fixes which are low in cost. Whereas, pump motor fixing, drain or refill leakage fixes, replacing the skimmer, and replacing the pool heater are major fixes that are usually high in cost.

If you are planning for a swimming pool remodel, contact our Home and remodeling contractors,ct

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