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Smart Bathroom Trends For 2022

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Smart Bathroom Trends For 2022

Smart homes have been increasingly popular in recent years, resulting in the growth of smart bathroom equipment. In the United States, over 53 million houses have smart capabilities, and the number continues to rise with each passing year. People use smart technology for a variety of reasons, including convenience, safety, and cost savings.

Here are some of the smart bathroom trends :

Smart Mirrors

Time, traffic reports, weather predictions, latest news, notifications, and appointments are all shown on an interactive LED mirror. You can interact with your mirror and control other smart devices in your house by asking it questions. In case you were curious about how to make a cake while brushing your teeth, this is the place to go. An interactive LED mirror adds a futuristic touch to your bathroom and makes morning procedures more exciting.

Many consumer electronics and furniture companies sell interactive mirrors, which range in price from $1,000 to $2,000 depending on the size and functionality. A smart mirror is a must-have for anyone who needs some guidance with grooming, or who wants to simplify their morning and organize their day while in the bathroom.

Washers and dryers

Washers and dryers that are connected to the internet have capabilities like beginning a load from your phone, receiving real-time notifications when a load is finished, and receiving alerts when maintenance is required. Smart washers and dryers may also identify how much detergent is required per load, keep track of energy usage, and run cycles automatically during off-peak hours. Laundry becomes less of a headache thanks to this innovative technology.

Floatation tub

A floatation tub (also known as a float tank, flotation tank, or isolation tank) is a light proof and soundproof saltwater tank heated to skin temperature in which you will float totally thanks to Epsom salts. These salts will not only help you float, but will also provide stress relief, detoxification, and pain treatment.

You'll be free of gravity and all external stimuli, and you'll enter a profound and complete state of relaxation known as sensory deprivation, which involves the absence of input from the senses and leads to meditation. According to studies, flotation baths can help you think more clearly, making them a must-have if you want to unwind after a long day. Depending on the type and functionality, a floating tub can cost up to $2500.

Smart faucets

Smart faucets allow consumers to save water, preheat or pre-cool their water, and enjoy a hands-free sink experience. Based on the brand of faucet, users can operate it by smartphone or voice command.

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