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Tips for Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor You Can Trust

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Tips for Hiring a Home Improvement Contractor You Can Trust

When it comes to selecting a contractor for home improvement the challenge is nothing short of impossible. Picking the right home renovation contractor will make all the difference in your project's performance and viability.

Many contractors are professionals who make the most of themselves. The trick, though, is to avoid the few who can turn your vision of home improvement into a nightmare.

Here are the tips for hiring the perfect home renovation contractor to renovate your home.

Get Recommendations

The easiest way to find a professional contractor is to ask friends, colleagues, and family about the names of professionals they have had a great experience with. Send an email to your social network. Or, call friends and ask acquaintances for suggestions.

Check Licenses

When narrowing the list to three or four contractors, ask them to show their business licenses. Make photocopies and verify their license by contacting the board or agency in your state which licenses contractors.

Verify Insurance Coverage

According to Angie’s List, contractors need two types of insurance like Liability coverage and Workers’ compensation insurance.

Ask the home remodeling contractor you select for a copy of his or her proof of liability insurance which includes the phone number of the agent who sold the policy. Call the insurance company agent to confirm the payment of the contractor's premiums and that the policy is in place.

Screen for Legal Problems

Make sure your contractor is not involved in lawsuits. Consult with the district court office in your county regarding cases against the contractor or company you are planning to use. Also, check online for mentions on the name of the contractor and the name of the company.

Conduct Interviews

Sit down with the contractor you are considering for an hour. Speak about the job, and ask each contractor to outline their expectations. Ask the contractor to describe his or her expertise and credentials.

Check references

Ask each contractor for three references that you are considering. Confirm that the contractor has actually completed the jobs which he or she claims to have done. Find out when the job was finished, how long it took and if it was delivered on time.

Sign a Contract

Make sure you and the contractor have the same idea of the work to be completed. Ideally, you or the contractor will compose a comprehensive list of each job, including completion steps, completion dates and getting the necessary permits if required.

Critically, the contract should state explicitly that the contractor must obtain the necessary permits. Don't get roped yourself into doing it.

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