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Types of Home Additions to Add More Space

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Types of Home Additions to Add More Space

Home additions are a perfect way to upgrade your home and give your family the amenities they always dreamed of and space they need.

You could have a baby on the way or an elderly parent moving in with you. Or else you need a workshop so you can keep up with your hobbies. Whatever may be the reason, it’s normal to outgrow your space. When this happens, you have two choices moving to a larger home or building an addition to your existing home.

Here are some types of home additions that add space to your home.

Traditional home addition

A traditional home addition is a multi-room structure built on a house's side and which is permanently open to the main house. If a house addition is constructed well enough, it eventually merges in and becomes the house itself.

A home addition can have many types of areas: family room, bathroom, dining room, guest bedroom, or master bedroom. However, the process of adding a traditional house addition is long and difficult.

Room Addition or Bump Out

A room addition or bump-out is a single room structure constructed on the side of a house intended for a single function, such as a bedroom or bathroom. Often it only expands to the size of a single room on the existing home.

It could be an extra 50 square feet added to your kitchen so you can fit in a kitchen island. Or maybe you cantilever a few feet out into thin air to make a crowded dining room a nice place to eat and socialize.


A sunroom is an extension to the house side and is usually an additional living space. They can be closed off with doors from the main part of the building.

Sunrooms are no alternative to traditional additions. Smaller than a full-size addition, sunrooms are most frequently made and assembled on-site from pre-fabricated materials such as aluminum and thermal-resistant glass.

Traditional sunrooms are often constructed from lumber, concrete, and other materials used to construct the house itself, resulting in a firmly constructed living space that correlates visually to the actual building.

Garage Conversion

In a garage conversion, the one or two vehicles attached garage is transformed into a living room by adding flooring, replacing the garage door with a concrete wall, and installing a ceiling. Garage conversions typically become bedrooms or living spaces.

They already have a basic structure, which consists of walls, foundation, concrete floors, and a roof. Moreover, a number of the elements required for living spaces, such as electricity and a few windows, are already in place, or partly so.

If you’re looking to add more space to your home, hire a reliable home addition contractor in ct.

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