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What is a Pool House?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

What is a Pool House

A pool house is an "outbuilding designed to maximize the poolside pleasure" by reducing the need to enter the actual house during pool time. It's a space where people can change into swimsuits and store pool toys and other pool maintenance equipment. The pool house is normally a standalone structure that is not connected to the main house or garage. It's usually more extensive than a shed and it may have a bathroom with a shower.

Pool homes, on the other hand, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit a variety of budgets.

Things to consider when building a pool house

  • Before constructing a pool house, most cities require a building permit. When deciding whether it's worth it to build a new pool house or any other construction, it's always crucial to keep your city or county rules in mind.

  • Zoning restrictions and bylaws may also apply, affecting the placement of your pool house.

  • There may also be bylines and regulations that require pre-approval if you live in a Homeowners association.

Do you have no idea what you want to do with your pool house? Are you looking for some motivation? Here are a few interesting pool house concepts to consider:

Changing Room

Having an outside changing room allows guests to get ready for an afternoon at the pool in a quiet setting. Also, think about how useful it would be for your family to have a location to change so that you don't track water all over the house.


Chemicals, pool toys, the pool cover, and even landscaping equipment can all be stored in a pool house storage shed. After all, pool noodles, rafts, balls, and nets take up a lot of room.

Guest House

Can you imagine having your in-laws over without them encroaching on your personal space? A pool house can double as a location for visitors to stay if it's large enough. A guest pool house can also be used for cookouts and gatherings.

Types of Pool Houses


A custom-built pool house is a structure that you construct from the ground up and permanently incorporates into your property. This sort of pool house allows you the most flexibility in terms of how you want it to look and function.


A prefab pool house is one that has already been completed and is ready to be placed in your yard. You won't have as much design control with a prefabricated pool house, but you won't have to deal with a protracted backyard construction job either.

If you want to add a pool house to your house, contact the Home Addition Contractor in CT

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