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Why Quartz Counters are the Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Why Quartz Counters are the Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a significant part of your home and an area where homeowners are likely to splurge frequently. Upon finding the perfect countertop material, you will often find that the home value increases.

With too many different materials to choose from today though, many people want to know, is quartz perfect for countertops in the bathroom? Read below to know the answer.

What is quartz?

Quartz is often confused with granite, but it is by no means the same. Granite is a rock composed partly of quartz, but quartz itself is a mineral that occurs naturally. But quartz countertops are not harvested from nature. Instead, they consist of 90 percent quartz minerals and polymer, pigment, and resin combinations to bind them all together. The quartz falls into the engineered stone family because of the method of how they are made.

Here are advantages of quartz countertops given by bathroom remodeling experts:

Great Color Options

You are in luck If you are considering a particular color for your countertops. Quartz can be made in any color, so finding an option that will work with your color scheme is easy. If you want the look of natural stone, you can choose from a solid color, or choose veining or even speckles.

Increased Durability

You definitely want a durable surface if you pay a moderate price to have quartz countertops installed. This is an extremely durable material which is important in the bathroom. It might come into contact with colorful, chemical or acidic substances. Even though natural stone or wood may appear attractive, quartz can withstand staining, chipping, scratching, and cracking.

Non-porous and Low- Maintenance

Unlike other stone types, quartz is a non-porous, tough material. It does not require staining, and it will not support bacterial or viral growth either. It is a great advantage in a bathroom, where common issues are mold and mildew. You want to ensure your bathroom stays as clean as possible just like any other material. Choosing quartz countertops for your bathroom can help to reduce some of these issues. It is also easy to clean since it requires no special cleaning solution of any kind. You should avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, and use plain water and soap. You don't have to seal this material as you do with natural stone.

Quartz Countertops are Long-Lasting

Most manufacturers will offer a 12-15 year warranty but you should be aware that your quartz countertops should last much longer. Quartz countertops in your bathroom will last a lifetime, simply by properly maintaining them.

Higher Upfront Investment, but Equally High Return

More homebuyers today want quartz in their kitchens and in their bathrooms. And while you may be scared by the price tag of a newly built quartz bathroom counter, think about the returns that await you in the end. Quartz surfaces will cost between $50 and as much as $140 per square foot depending on the quality that you choose.

However, when you install something that is relatively maintenance-free, almost indestructible, and perfectly matches your newly-refurbished bathroom, homebuyers are more willing to pay for the price asked because they can also take advantage of the longevity of those quartz surfaces.

Planning to install quartz countertops in your bathroom? Contact the Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Connecticut.

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