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Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Make A Difference

Small Bathroom Decor Ideas That Make A Difference

Finding the right bathroom decor can be a challenge. You're possibly struggling with a lack of space in addition to looking for decor that can withstand the moisture of the bathroom.

The good news is that you can make your bathroom look as good as new just by using a few different elements. See a couple of details of bathroom decor that make a huge difference in even tiny bathrooms.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

You'd be amazed at the difference that a new bathroom light fixture can make. If you are doing a remodeling of the bathroom or just looking to dress up stuff, a new light fixture in the bathroom will really make a difference.

In a bathroom remodeling, a well thought out lighting and floor plan can make all the difference. The best approach to a well-illuminated room is to integrate layers of task, accent, ambient and decorative lighting. Partner with a designer to help create a layout and custom lighting plan for the bathroom.

Please be aware that installing a light fixture averages $420, with most homeowners spending between $178 and $330.

Bathroom Tiles

While tile can seem like a minor thing, it can make a major difference. Think of the bathrooms you've seen that have colored tile, it makes the bathroom out of date immediately. An upgrade you can make is upgrading the tile or backsplash in the bathroom. Choosing a backsplash white or natural tile is timeless, and will help create a clean, trendy bathroom. But a few color pops in your tile might be a trendy addition.

Glass Shower Door

Do you know that a solid door or curtain could make your bathroom look smaller than it really is? Prefer a glass shower door to leave the space open and expansive over a room-closing shower curtain.

Glass doors with a shower are easy to clean and can be a luxurious addition to your bathroom, whatever the size. The average cost of installing a glass shower door is $842, with most homeowners spending between $664 and $1,000.

Bathroom Mirrors

Ever thought of mirrors as decoration? Not only do they help to reflect the light, but more than one of them can be a great feature in the bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors come in a number of shapes and sizes but there are two more common types, the traditional rectangular mirror, and round vanity mirrors. They're the most simple choice for bathroom mirrors. You can put a framed mirror in your bathroom, but ensure that the frame is immune to moisture, thereby helping to make it last longer.

Do you have any doubts about renovating your bathroom? Contact the Best Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in CT.

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