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Use Large Tiles to Create Stunning Interior Design

Use Large Tiles to Create Stunning Interior Design

Large-format tiles which were once only a part of commercial properties like restaurants are now slowly becoming a preferred tile choice for flooring, and walls of several homeowners. Easy to install, these slab-size tiles make the space look spectacular. They are increasing in popularity and demand not just for their appeal factor, but also for their practical use.

Format Tiles – What size is ideal?

12” tiles were once thought to be large format tiles. But with time the technologies used by the tile industry have also advanced, and now tiles with at least one edge greater than 15” are considered large format tiles. These contemporary tiles are made of glass, ceramic, porcelain, or even stone, and you can find them in the market in either large square or rectangle shapes. With digital printing technology taking the forefront these days, it’s easier to have these tiles mimic the look of a natural stone, marble, concrete, or even wood. Large-format tiles are sure to provide a fashionable aesthetic appeal to your home, no matter what sort of décor you have in mind for your next remodeling project.

Large Titles in the Bathroom

A lot of people are replacing regular tiles in their bathroom with large tiles for the simple reason that these tiles make the bathroom look more spacious. We recommend that you use ultra-resin tiles which have a copositive property in lighter colors for your bathroom to give it a modish, two-dimensional ceramic look.

Large Titles in the Kitchen

If adding a dinner is on your kitchen renovation list, then sleek large-format tiles make an ideal choice because these seamlessly allow the kitchen to flow into the dinner and give your kitchen a dash of modernity. These can also be cut into customized shapes for your décor when the regular rectangular or square shape won’t fit.

Large Titles in the Living Room

Large-format tiles are most suitable for open areas, and hence these can do wonders to your living room. These provide us with a visual break from the annoying grout lines, and if you thought you could use these large-format tiles only on the floor then let us tell you that large format tiles make an excellent alternative to expensive wallpapers. If you want to create an illusion of elongated space for your living room, then use the same color and material large format tiles on your wall and floor. This creates a sense of unification and continuity, thus making the space look much bigger than it is!

Advantages of Using Large Format Tiles

Here are some of the benefits of using large format tiles over the standard tiles for your home:

1. Less grout area is one of the most significant design characteristics of fashionable large format tiles. Since large format tiles provide more coverage and have minimal joints, which results in the reduced requirement of grouting.

2. Since these occupy a lot of space, these come particularly handy when you want to fill space in a large room.

3. These tiles can be easily cleaned to keep them looking new for a long period.

4. They make a suitable choice when you want to give your space a flowy, spacious look.

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