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What are Cape Cod Homes

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

What are Cape Cod Homes

One of America's most known and cherished architectural styles is the Cape Cod-Style home. When British colonists migrated to the "New World," they brought a housing design that was so functional that it lasted through the years. Today's Cape Cod houses are influenced by colonial New England architecture in nearly every part of North America. A professional architect can help you to build modern cape cod homes.

Variations on the Cape Cod home

Half Cape

Half Cape

Photo Credit: Davinong

Showcasing a front door on one side of the building and two multi-paned glass windows on the other, this house was the first home of its day. Settlers would also keep adding additions to it as their families grew up until, eventually, the Cape was turned into a three-quarter cape. Often this sort of home is called a Single Cape, too.

Three-quarter Cape

Three-quarter Cape

Photo credits:dreamnewengland

The front door on one side of the building has two multi-paned windows on one side and a multi-paned window on the other side. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, it was the Cape's most common style.

Full Cap

Full Cap

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This style is popular today, often referred to as a Double Cape, but was rare among the settlers. It had been reserved for the richest of them. There is a central front door and two multi-paned windows symmetrically set on each side of the entire Cape. An especially steep roof and a huge chimney are also featured.

Defining the Cape Cod Characteristics

There are a few distinguishing characteristics that tie them all together, while Cape Cod homes come in a variety of types. Here is a general description of what you might expect from this kind of home:


  • Symmetrical appearance with a centered front entrance.

  • Center chimney

  • Shingle or clapboard exterior siding

  • Double-hung windows with shutters

  • Little exterior ornamentation

  • Steep roofs with side gable


  • Low ceiling

  • One story building with additional half story roof

  • Open concept living rooms

  • Bedrooms under gables

  • The symmetrical architecture featuring a hall in the center

If you’re planning to build a Cape Cod Style home, contact the most trusted Architecture Firm in CT.

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