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Why Do You Need An Architect For Your Remodeling Project?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Why Do You Need a Architect For Your Remodeling Project?

A licensed architect will take any renovation work to the next level. However, professionalism is costly and it might not be necessary to hire a qualified architect/designer.

Here's how to determine if the architect is ideal for your remodeling.

Role of Architects

Architects are highly qualified in structural design, engineering, and ergonomics. An architect will analyze your home at the beginning of a remodeling project, listen to your dreams and expectations, and provide solutions and approximate construction costs.

Once you have agreed on a specific design, the architect can work up basic floor plans or complete blueprints, guide you to pick a contractor, collaborate with a structural engineer for permitting, and spot check or supervise construction to make sure that it’s being completed according to plan.


Per hour: $60 to $160

Percentage of Project Cost: 5 percent to 25 percent

Flat fee: $4,000 to $25,000 on a job worth $100,000

Many experts are ready to talk about remodeling costs. They may agree to a flat fee for planning and design, and a per-hour fee for site inspections and design adjustments after construction has started.


The larger the job of remodeling and the more valuable the home, the more you need a specialist. Through the innovative use of space and resources, both architects and contractors will save you money. However, both experts also solve problems differently.

  • Generally, contractors are searching for a logical and structured solution, but not usually the most creative or aesthetically pleasing approach.

  • Usually, architects suggest solutions that add visual attractiveness and complement the flow through the rest of the building.

Trimming Costs

If your budget is limited, and your project is basic, hire an architect who’s just starting out. His payments would be proportionate to his experience—a mixed blessing.

Likewise, when your budget is low you may hire a draftsman, he can create technical drawings for half rate, but does not have the design and engineering skills. You’ll save some money, but eventually, you’ll have to pay for an architect and a structural engineer to approve before a permit is issued by your local building authority.

If you can identify quality construction yourself, restrict your design professional to the stages of design and blueprint, typically 5% to 15% of the overall cost of the project. If you don't know the beam of the stud, it's better to pay your architect to review the undergoing construction, which are called site visits.

Site visits are usually included in the contract with your design professional: he, too, has a vested interest in ensuring his design is accurately represented by the construction. So you don't have to have an architect testing every nail or screw, piling up fees. A few site visits—after framing is finished and during punch-up—are all that a standard addition or remodel takes.

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