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6 Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Although there are many products that can help make bathrooms kid-friendly, they are often temporary solutions that create clutter and plenty of adhesive residue. It's best to have child-friendly features built into the design of the bathroom. This blog mentions child-friendly improvements for your next bathroom remodel.

Double Vanity

Every parent knows that chaos occurs when you have multiple children sharing a bathroom — especially when everyone is trying to get ready in the morning and you're running late already. By creating two vanity stations, this bathroom allows two children to simultaneously brush teeth while reducing the time spent waiting and fighting during the morning routine.

Wall of Hooks

Extra towel hooks are a must if you have multiple children sharing a bathroom. We like a wall of hooks because every kid has a place for their towel, and there is no reason to leave the towels on the floor!


Low-standing sinks are a great boon for little ones cleaning hands in public toilets, but that's not very appropriate for a home bathroom since they will be getting taller over time. Instead, use a stool that helps kids to reach the sink.

Granite countertops

Granite is an ideal material for countertops for bathroom and kitchen remodeling. This is virtually scratch- and stain-proof, and comes in many natural colors that match most color palettes in the bathroom. No matter what kind of mess your kids make in the bathroom, you can be assured that the countertop isn't staining. The smooth surface also makes bacterial growth easy to clean. If granite is not available, then quartz is another good choice for the same price.


Anti-scalding devices are faucet and shower attachments intended to prevent children from turning on scalding hot water onto themselves. Such devices include automatically mixing tap water with hot water, allowing hot water to warm safely. When adults want hot water, a secret or disabled valve enables them to turn the tap water back in. Both devices are simple to install and can be used during bathroom remodeling.

Shower With Sprayer Attachment

Adult showers can exert too much water pressure which can be unpleasant for children. A separate sprayer attachment enables the proper height of the shower and greater control of the water level. This also makes it easier for children to clean the tub afterwards.

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