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6 Top Home Styles in United States

6 Top Home Styles in United States

Homes come in such a wide range of architecture that thinking about all the varieties it is what makes them so fascinating. It's the dream of every american to own their own home and finding the perfect home can involve selecting the ideal style for you and your family. Some of the designs of some homes date back to many centuries, and while many of the features of the home design may remain true to themselves, many of the interior features are modified to suit the current technology and living standards.

Here are some of the top home styles in the United States.

Ranch Style Home

Homes in the ranch style are widely popular and are considered the best home style for everyone, particularly families. Ranches can come in such a wide range of styles and designs that it's practically limitless in what you'll find in a ranch. Ranches are one storey, originating from the original ranch-style of homes, and while the majority of people think of a ranch as a sprawling home, suggesting that square images are spread over one storey of living space in a longer location, small storey houses can also be seen as a ranch.

Bungalow Style Home

The use of natural materials, including stone, wood and brick, is the focus of Bungalow style homes. After the Arts & Crafts Movement that flourished in Britain from around 1880 to 1920, this style of homes began to emerge and you can easily identify the home style because of its telling architectural design with wide front porches and broad, squared-off columns that can be made of wood, stone or brick. Pleasant sloping roofs are common and most bungalow homes are one storey, although some may have a dormer window with an additional attic space. One of the most common styles of homes to this day is the Bungalow Home.

Cape Cod Style Home

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Cape Cod homes were built in 1800, with British style of thatched roofs, but in the northeastern regions, these homes have higher roof roofs and wider fireplaces because of its tougher winter elements. There are several different looks of Cape Cod but some of the features, such as dormer windows, cedar shingles or a windowed front door, usually comply with Cape Cod. Cape Cods are usually moderately priced and designed in this kind of neighbourhood, although some may be very costly.

Victorian Style Home

The home of the Victorian style comes from the period of Queen Victoria during the 1830-1910 era. This is a regal-looking architectural style and, as opposed to the home's functionality, was designed more out of its looks. In fact, it is one of the most complex types of homes and they are often seen with darker paint colours, such as greens, yellows and pinks, and usually have wide front porches and lots of ornamental trimming. You can't skip the multi-faceted, very steep Victorian roof lines, either. The look of a Victorian home is also characterised by many individuals as a dollhouse.

Contemporary Style Home

Contemporary and modern are also synonymous and used in this type of home. Usually, contemporary is a term used for homes that are designed with a look at the building designs of today and use materials and items that are energy efficient. Modern or contemporary style houses, either way, are those that aim to carry some of the outside in, using wide windows to let in plenty of natural light. With neat, clean lines and sustainable materials, the architecture is also comprehensive.

Colonial Style Home

In architecture, colonial homes are some of the most stunning. Colonial homes date back to the 1600's and are frequently connected to early American colonists. You will find these kinds of homes in the New England area of the US, with the majority of these styles of homes in Massachusetts. With windows and shutters extending evenly throughout the face of the house, the colonial style of the home is most commonly recognised. Most possibly, you can also see dormers and a chimney along the roof line, as well as front door columns. This is a rather formal home style that, since it started, has been a common type of home.

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